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"Lavender balances the dominant emotion"

*Calms and soothes grief, anger, fear, internal raging and hysteria. Enabling one to relate to the emotion instead of merely reacting.

Antibacterial properties cleanse infections externally and internally, including sinus and allergy. Safe on mucus membranes of mouth and genitalia.

#1 choice for solar, heat and chemical burns. Good for rubbing pregnant bellies, preventing stretch marks.

An anti inflammatory (reduces swelling) brings balance to swollen joints that feel hot and tender ( especially when mixed with Peppermint). Migraines and headaches get relief from this combination as well.

Helps stop the itching and swelling of insect bites.

Sprays 2oz & 4oz
Moisturizing oil 2oz
Salve 50ml
Roll on
Powder 130g


"Removes the veil of doubt"

Brings the mind, body, and spirit back to still point, where a new choice can be created and acted upon.

Juniper is warming and stimulating. Brings warmth to cold and dampness in the body. Relieves heat rashes as well.

Excellent for upper respiratory infections, allergic reactions, colds, flu. Effective for rheumatic pain and old wounds that are aggravated and stiffened in the cold.

Juniper's strong disinfecting properties kill airborne microbes and drive out negative influences. Deters pests.

Sprays 2oz & 4oz
Salve 50ml
Powder 130g


"Stop the hurry and the worry"

Uplifting without the jittering. Calms hypersensitivity, breaks the loop of circular thoughts, and eases insomnia. Tangerine acts like sunlight giving the synapses more juice to find other nerve pathways to process information. This results in an increased ability to direct and focus energy. Reduces "shorting out" which leads to stress related depression. (for grief related depression, Lavender is more appropriate).Tangerine conveys joy and positivity.

Tangerine affects the body's metabolism, it stimulates the liver, encouraging the secretion of bile and the breakdown of fats. Eases fluid retention and cellulite. Helps tone oily skin. One of the safest oils for children and pregnant women.

Sprays 2oz & 4oz
Salve 50ml
Body crème 4oz


"Transcends the fear of death"

Enhances the organisms ability to receive prana, life energy more abundantly.

Excellent topical analgesic for acute pain and immediate physical trauma. Sprayed directly onto an injured area, Cottonwood relieves pain and promotes healing. great for bumps, bruises and sprains. Mildly euphoric, nourishing and supportive to the nerves.

Anti-inflammatory, relieves some headaches and migraines....too much will give you a headache; therefore easy to adjust dosage as you use.

Carpal tunnel, TMJ, Tennis elbow and frozen fascia are eased with Cottonwood. Our blend of Cottonwood with Willow and Mint is our most effective Pain remedy for back injuries, whip lash and any where inflammation has become chronic.

Sprays 2oz & 4oz
Massage healing oil blend 2oz & 4oz
Roll on


"Sheds away the old, makes way for the new"

Cedar activates the transforming power of the will. Develops the intuition. Helps movement away from dependency.

Balances both estrogen and testosterone. A good yin/yang balancer. Reduces acidity.

Strengthens hair and nails. Improves oily skin, acne, dandruff and seborrhea. Products made from the oil of the wood as opposed to the leaf extraction, are our best antifungal remedies and make the best mosquito, flea and "no-see ums" repellant.

Our cedar salve has been reported to heal stubborn post surgical scar tissue. especially in breast cancer.

Pets and horses respond very well to cedar for many wounds and hot spots.

Sprays (leaf extraction) 2oz & 4oz
Sprays (oil of wood) Bug spray & Deodorant 4oz
Salve 50ml
Aftershave 2oz

Mountain Rose & Sandalwood

"Returns the pain of love to calm"

This applies only to pure Rose, synthetic fragrance of Rose has no therapeutic value and are actually irritating. But,..true distilled oil of Rose is beneficial to the soul and it's windows,(the heart and the minds eyes). Restoring the ability to love again.

Mountain Rose's action to the physical body is the liver, where bitterness is first secreted into the blood. Mountain Rose begins restoring balance;(a) through the blood, promoting circulation and toning capillaries, (b) through the digestion, synthesis of the bile, acids and phosolipids and(c) the nervous system, relieving "hot" stagnant energy that results in tension, irritability, headache and constipation.

A tonic for the uterus, aids excessive bleeding during moontime (menses) and relieves frigidity. In our warriors, it increases semen and diminishes impotence.

Especially good for sensitive, dry, inflamed, dehydrated and maturing skin. Relieves conditions of eczema.

Sprays 2oz & 4oz
Restorative cream 50ml
Powder 130g
Oil free moisturizer 2oz


"Calls in sweetness and grace"

I was taught to use sweetgrass this way by my elders. To attract positivity and to encourage good thought. Sweetgrass binds togather the enlightened thought to right action.

Encourages healthy cells to stay true to form. Mildly anti-viral.

"There is no forgiveness with out For- giving it up" this is how it was explained to me what Sweetgrass will do for all conditions of forgives and lets go..this is grace.

Sprays 2oz & 4oz
Lip balms 1/2oz

Jewel of Life

"Balances estrogen, Grounding and sensual"

This blend is a reproductive and hormonal balancer for both women and men.

Jewel of life oil will enhance your natural pheromones so watch out!

A must in every women's medicine chest, Jewel of life balances estrogen levels relieving PMS, postpartum depression, encourages milk flow. For changing woman eases hot flashes, mood swings and vaginal dryness. Promotes clarity . A wonderful moontime oil.

The scent of Jewel of life always smells great on men and promotes prostate health.

Moisturizing & penetrating oil blend- 2oz

Beauty Path

"Promotes self respect, self love and self forgiveness"

A good moisturizer for body and face. Nourishes both oily and dry skin. Improves skins elasticity.

A soothing massage oil.

Eases feelings of fear, anger and frustration. Mild aphrodisiac, especially for women. opens the heart chakra so love and beauty are more easily perceived as a reality. This blend is a favorite with practitioners helping women recovering from physical and sexual trauma.

Moisturizing & penetrating oil blend- 2oz
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